BOS Meeting - November 9, 2023

Episode 11 November 10, 2023 01:29:22
BOS Meeting - November 9, 2023
Upper Merion Board of Supervisors Meetings
BOS Meeting - November 9, 2023

Nov 10 2023 | 01:29:22


Show Notes

NOVEMBER 9, 2023 MEETING ~ 7:00 PM
1. Meeting Called to Order.
2. Pledge of Allegiance.
3. Roll Call.
4. Meeting Minutes: August 10, 2023 – Workshop
October 5, 2923 – Zoning Workshop
October 5, 2023 – Workshop
October 12, 2023 - Business
5. Chairman’s Comments:
6. Citizen Board Vacancies:
7. New Business:
A. Proclamation – Small Business Saturday
B. Public Hearing – An Ordinance amending Chapter 165, Zoning, to amend steep slope regulations, Shopping Center District permitted uses, Nonconformity provisions, eliminate dwelling conversion provisions, define interior signage, eliminate cluster overlay and development plan provisions, land development plan submission requirements and traffic impact submission requirements.
C. Consent Agenda re:
1. First Avenue Linear Park Phase II: Approval of a no-cost time extension request by Road Con, Inc., extending the contract completion date to 12/31/2023 in order to complete bus shelter construction.
2. Permission to advertise proposed Ordinance Amendment - Chapter 140 A & B - Stormwater, Grading & Erosion Control. Consolidation of current Chapter 140A and 140B of the Township Code into one Chapter with additional provisions for Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development.
3. Authorization for the Township Manager to sign Real Estate Tax Settlement Stipulation for 250 MB, LLC, 250 Mall Boulevard, for the tax years 2021-2023 resulting in the overpayment of real estate taxes in the amount of $14,675.74.
4. Brownlie Road Culvert Replacement: Award of the General Construction Contract for the Brownlie Road Culvert Replacement project in the amount of $680,510.40 to G&B Construction of Feasterville-Trevose, Pennsylvania,
being the lowest responsible bidder as recommended by the Director of Public Works.
5. Abrams PS, Valleybrook PS, Trout Run WPCC MPS Pump Station Upgrade Project: Approval of Payment Application 7 in the amount of $16,430.39 to Blooming Glen Contractors, Inc. of Perkasie, Pennsylvania for work completed to date.
6. Business Tax Appeal Settlement – Approval of a Business Tax Appeal submitted by William A. J. Schaeffer’s & Sons, 420 B Drew Court, King of Prussia, in the amount of $3,098.57 as a result of mail issue.
7. Henderson Road Pedestrian Crossing Improvement Project: Award of the General Construction Contract for the Henderson Road Pedestrian Crossing project in the amount of $180,425.00 to Ply-Mar Construction Co., Inc. of Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, being the lowest responsible bidder as recommended by the Township Traffic Engineer.
8. Board of Community Assistance Policy Guideline amendment. Approval of an amendment to the BCA Policy Guidelines to allow high school juniors to submit BCA scholarship applications.
9. Upper Merion Transportation Authority Joint Defense and Joint Privilege Agreement - Approval of a Joint Defense and Privilege Agreement with the Transportation Authority for the Toll Bros Land Use Appeal and Mandamus Action regarding the transportation impact fee assessment for the Stonebridge Subdivision.
10. Approval of Request for Inclusion in Township Health Benefit Program – Supervisor Philips.
11. Resolution 2023-34 – Statewide Local Share Assessment Grant - Moore Road Multimodal Trail and Linear Park Preliminary Design.
12. Citizen Board Appointments:
a. Historical Commission Appointment.
b. Public Safety Appointment.
c. Economic & Community Development Appointment
D. Posting of the 2024 Budget.
8. Accounts Payable & Payrolls.
9. Additional Business.
10. Public Comment.
11. Adjournment.

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