BOS Meeting - February 10, 2022

February 11, 2022 01:57:22
BOS Meeting - February 10, 2022
Upper Merion Board of Supervisors Meetings
BOS Meeting - February 10, 2022

Feb 11 2022 | 01:57:22


Show Notes

FEBRUARY 10, 2022 MEETING ~ 7:30 PM
1. Meeting Called to Order.
2. Pledge of Allegiance.
3. Roll Call.
4. Meeting Minutes: September 2, 2021 Workshop
November 18, 2021 Business Meeting
5. Chairman’s Comments:
6. New Business:
A. Proclamation Celebrating Black History Month
B. Conditional Use Hearing – Malvern Anderson, LP is requesting conditional use approval to permit the development of the R1 Residential zoned property, known as Parcel No. 58-00-00544-25-3 and 58-00-0541-01-3 (portion of the former UM Swim Club property, Anderson Road and Reedel Drive), under the cluster development overlay requirements as an age restricted 49-unit townhouse development.
C. Consent Agenda re:
1. Accept Resignation of Erika Spott from the Farmers Market Advisory Board
2. PA Act 101 Recycling Reporting & Grant Application Contract - Hough Associates. To approve an annual contract with Hough Associates, King of Prussia, PA for the preparation of the Township’s Act 101 annual PA DEP Section 904 Grant Report and Application for the year 2021 in the amount of $17,500.
3. Resolution 2022-11 re: Summit Street Accepting Deed- In- Lieu of Condemnation. To pass a resolution accepting a deed- in- lieu of condemnation as agreed to by the owner for the property known as block 055, unit 109 summit street and also known as Montgomery County tax parcel number 58-00-18451-01-3.
4. Annual Upper Merion Pool Concession Stand Lease – To approve a one (1) year lease term with a four (4) consecutive renew options with The Hedgehog Grill, King of Prussia, PA, for the concession stand and patio area at the Community Pool, subject to the terms outlined in said lease.
5. Business Tax Appeal Settlement - Famous George’s, 100 E. Beidler Road. To approve a Business Tax Appeal Settlement with Famous George’s Pizza, 100 E. Beidler Road in the amount of $2,575.00 (tax and penalty) for the tax years 2019 -2021.
6. Deputy Tax Collector Approval – To approve the appointment of Bonny Davis by the Upper Merion Tax Collector as Deputy Tax Collector pursuant to the PA Local Tax Collection Law.
7. Crow Creek Trail Project Contract Payment # 14 in the amount of
$130,669.17 to Kenney Excavating for work to date on the Crow Creek Trail Project.
8. Financial Escrow Security Release No. 5, Horizon Drive Group, LP, 3700 Horizon Drive. Approval of Escrow Release No.5 to Horizon Drive Group, LP in the amount of $116,251.89 for the completion of required site improvements to date as part of the building expansion project as recommended by the Township Engineer.
9. Land Development Plan Review Extension – VIMCO, Inc. Accept letter of extension from VIMCO, Inc. for the review of the proposed Land Development Plan.
10. Resolution 2022-13 re: Montgomery County 2040 Implementation Grant Application – First Avenue Linear Park, Phase III, $200,000.00. Authorization for the Township Manager, in conjunction with the KOP BID, to submit a Montco 2040 Grant Application in the amount of $200,000 for Phase III of the First Avenue Linear Park Project.
11. Financial Escrow Security Release No. 12, 900 River Road LLC, 900 River Road – Approval of Escrow Release No. 12 to 900 River Road LLC in the amount of $88,365.13 for the completion of required site improvements to date as part of the warehouse development project as recommended by the Township Engineer.
D. Resolution 2022-08 re: Supporting the PA Commission for the US Semi-Quicentennial (America250PA) – To pass a resolution to support and work with AMERICA250PA on any and all activities as appropriate within Montgomery County, PA for the celebration of the United States semi-quincentennial.
E. Resolution 2022-12 – Authorization to sign PennDOT Traffic Signal Permit Application. Submission of a Permit Application (TE-160) for a proposed mid-block pedestrian flashing beacon signal at 900 River Road to provide access to the SEPTA transit stop locations.
F. Resolution 2022-04 - Preliminary/Final Development Plan – JP Orleans, Mancill Mill Road. Consideration of a preliminary/final land development plan for JP Orleans, Mancill Mill Road, prepared by Edward B. Walsh & Associates, Inc., dated August 9, 2019, last revised March 25, 2021 for the construction of a 119-unit townhouse development and associated site improvements, including waivers as outlined in said resolution. 14.4 acres, SM-1 Zoning District.
G. Resolution 2022-05 - PA Act 537 Sewage Facilities Planning Module – Mancill Mill Road Townships Development – JP Orleans. Authorization for the proper township officials to submit to PA DEP Sewage facilities Planning Modules for the subject property as a proposed revision to the Township’s Official Sewage Facilities Plan.
H. Resolution 2022-09 - Authorization to Move Forward with 2022 General Obligation Bond Issuance. Consideration of Resolution No. 2022-09 authorizing the proper township officials and consultants to undertake action necessary with respect to the proposed issuance of General Obligation Bonds in order to provide funds to finance certain capital projects, real estate acquisitions and the purchase of capital equipment.
I. Resolution 2022-10 - Borrowing Proceeds Reimbursement for 2022 Capital Project Expenses. Consideration of Resolution No. 2022-10 to provide reimbursement to the Township for expenses incurred for the proposed 2022 capital projects, from the proceeds of any bonds, notes or other instrument issued for the projects as outlined in said resolution.
7. Accounts Payable & Payrolls.
8. Additional Business.
9. Public Comment.
10. Adjournment.
In-person Meeting Guidance
All individuals attending a Township meeting shall be required to comply and adhere to all CDC & PA Dept of Health COVID-19 Guidelines.

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